what we do

  • Speeches

The Barker Wordworks has written speeches for, and in partnership with, some of the most recognized people on the planet. The speeches have been delivered on some of the largest stages — from major universities to legislative chambers, annual industry conferences to nationally televised events.

The Barker Wordworks writes speeches for occasions when the stakes are high — for when you need more than just words strung together, but rather a piece of spoken language that conveys a message and has a desired impact on your audience and your brand. In your voice, and on message.

Whether starting from scratch to put your ideas into words, or working with you on an existing draft to polish, refine, and give weight to your thoughts, the Barker Wordworks can also help you to deliver a speech with the greatest effect.


  • Writing

The Barker Wordworks puts words to paper (or to tablet) in a variety of formats. Opinion articles, white papers, Web site copy, video scripts, written testimony, blog postings, and more.

Our op-eds have appeared in every major American newspaper and Web site, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, and Huffington Post.

The Wordworks has also turned policy into easy-to-understand white papers, for both politicians and corporations.

Companies from a wide array of industries employ mission statements and elevator speeches that the Wordworks helped craft.


  • Communications Strategy

The Barker Wordworks can serve as your overall communications strategist and adviser when facing external affairs, public affairs, and branding challenges.

Principal Jeffrey M. Barker uses his years as a communications leader (in the office of California Governor Schwarzenegger, as lead communications and external affairs executive for one of the country’s largest-ever public infrastructure projects, as a senior staffer on statewide and national political campaigns, and in-house at a Fortune 20 company) to advise companies and causes on how communications can help achieve their goals.

The Barker Wordworks believes that communications is about proactively telling a story, controlling the narrative, and refusing to allow external forces distract you from your strategic goal.