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The Academy Awards in 2017

February 26, 2017

Of course The Academy Awards ceremony will get political this year. How could it not?   The Oscars has a long history of politics being injected into award acceptance speeches – ever since 1973 when Marlon Brando won Best Actor for The Godfather but sent Native American acitivist Sacheen Littlefeather to accept the award on […]


July 26, 2015

Super honored that my newspaper colleague from long ago, Kevin Pang, saw fit to include me in his podcast — alongside the likes of Susan Orlean, Buzz Bissinger, Ricky Gervais, and others — to ramble about speechwriting, Arnold, my Dr. Pepper addiction, and reading out loud. Listen to it here.

Lenny Skutniks

January 27, 2014

There’s a thing Presidents do during the annual State of the Union speech. You’ve seen it; they break up the lengthy speech and add a folksy element to an otherwise stiff address by relaying a quick anecdote about a “real” person, then referring up to the gallery where that person is seated, usually next to […]