in others’ words


“When choosing someone to help put your ideas into words, you want more than a writer — you want someone who sees the bigger picture. Jeff Barker has overseen every aspect of communications, from media relations to external affairs, and that experience makes a world of difference in conveying your message effectively.”

Curt Pringle, former Speaker of the California State Assembly


“Storytelling is neither right nor left — it’s universal, and Barker knows how to convey a message effectively whether it’s to an elected official, to John Q. Public, or to your own mother.”

Steve Maviglio, Democratic Media Strategist

Matt David

“Barker is not just a writer — he’s the guy you want in the room when talking strategy and vision. He has a talent for giving backbone to big ideas and creating memorable memes out of dense policy.”

Matt David, former Presidential Campaign Manager and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor of California