The Barker Wordworks is a fancy and somewhat hard-to-say name for an outfit that, at the moment, consists of just me, Jeffrey M. Barker.

Under this moniker, I help executives, politicians, and others with writing, speechwriting, and both internal and external communications strategy.

I began my career reporting for some of the largest newspapers on the West Coast – in San Diego, Seattle, and a couple places in between. I parlayed that into a second career in politics and government, working on high-profile campaigns for California governor and U.S. president, then in state government in California under two governors. Most recently, I worked in global communications at Amazon. I have written for governors – including the Governor of California; candidates for President of the United States in three consecutive election cycles; mayors and other elected officials; as well as for corporate executive officers, Silicon Valley tech company CEOs, board chairmen, celebrities, and other Fortune 50 companies. I’ve also scripted a couple of wedding ceremonies and one Maid of Honor speech that elicited both tears and laughs from wedding-goers.

I think I’ve established a reputation for writing that makes an impact – on message and on deadline – when it matters most.