a bit of writing philosophy

There are writers who will help you place commas and apostrophes in the right places.

There are other writers who can help you organize your thoughts and messages into the correct formats. Others still who offer insights as to audience and occasion.

These are important skills and services. And I do all that, too. But if that’s all you’re looking for, hire someone else.

I ask questions. You might think too many questions. I drill down to discover what it is you really want to say and what effect you want to have on your audience. Then I find the data, the details, and the stories to illustrate your message.

Perhaps it’s because I cut my writing teeth as a deadline news reporter.

But what that also means is that I write fast. If we know the message, and we have the data, writing an op-ed should not take weeks or days — it can be done in an afternoon. A speech? I can give you a first draft tomorrow, and we iterate from there, making it your own and practicing it so that you deliver it authentically, in your own voice.

For me, writing is not about the commas and apostrophes. For me, writing is about your strategic objective and making the desired impact.